Cotaco Creek Converters warrants that its catalytic converters are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This catalytic converter has been designed and tested to meet State and Federal emission reduction requirements; and, when the vehicle is properly maintained, the catalytic converter is warranted to meet such requirements for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, from the time of installation and it will not constitute a safety hazard.

Cotaco Creek Converters warranty is void if the catalytic converter is not properly installed on the vehicle for which it is designed and cataloged; if the catalytic converter has been altered or repaired or damaged by negligence, accident or mishandling, Cotaco Creek Converters assumes no liability for catalytic converter failures related to engines not operating within original equipement specifications, to vehicles with modified exhaust or emission control systems or to the use of leaded fuel.

Cotaco Creek Converters will replace any such defective converted provided that it be returned to an authorized dealer along with proof of pruchase and properly completed warranty certificate. If warranty claim relates to emission performance, proof of failure of an emission test must be provided. Documenation showing the vehicle's current state of tune is also required. Cotaco Creek Converts reserves the right to determine what consititues vehicle proper operating condition.

These catalytic converters have been tested to meet the warranty requirements.


An improperly tuned engine will cause damage to a catalytic converter. Be sure the engine is properly tuned to manufacturer's specifications and that emission control equipment is operating within original equipment specifications before installing this remanufactured catalytic converter. If the remanufactured converter is being used to replace a failed converter, it is possible the same problem, if not corrected, will cause damange to this new converter. An improperly tuned or misfiring engine can allow unburned gasoline to enter the converter, causing extremely high temperatures that can result in melted, plugged or broken internal substrates. This situation voids the warranty.

Conditions for Replacement:

To any person repairing or installing any exhaust system, the Clean Air Act, as amended 1990, requires that: aftermarket catalytic converters may only be installed in the followin situations.

  1. If the vehicle is missing a converter*
  2. If a State or local inspection program has determine that the existing converter has been lead-poisoned, damaged, or otherwise rendered ineffective and needs replacement. Retain a copy of this statement from any government inspection or enforcement agency for your records.
  3. If the vehicle is over eight (8) years old, or has more than 80,000 miles AND a legitimate need for replacement has been established and documented.* This situation normally would include only plugged converters or those damanaged to the point where unrepairable exhaust leaks are present. See the documentation requirements below. Catalytic converers are emission control devices which are designed to last the life of the vehicle and do not normally require replacement. Furthermore, if the vehicle is properly used and maintained, original converters are covered by the emissions control warranty for eight (8) years or 80,000 miles. Federal law prohibits any person from replacing these devices except under limited circumstances (above).

Documentation Requirements:

In order to establish and document the circumstances permitting replacement of an original or missing converter with an aftermarket converter meeting the required performace criteria exist, the installer must complete the INSTALLER'S WARRANTY SHEET. The installer and the vehicle owner must sign the statement establishing and documenting catalytic converter replacement justification.

  • A copy of the completed warranty sheet must be attached to the invoice and retained by the installer for six (6) months.
  • Also, the replaced converter(s), if any, must be retained by the installer for at least fifteen (15) days from the date of installation.
  • The installer must install each replacement catalytic converter according to the EPA policy, as described in the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

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Our replacement converters have been bench tested with an engine and a lab grade analyzer to make sure they meet or exceed all Fedaral, State, and EPA standards. Call us today at 1 (800) 275-5116.