Established in March of 1993, Cotaco Creek Converters, Inc. has been serving the catalytic converter industry for more than 20 years with hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, which are the cornerstones of a successful business.

Tim Patrick and Harley Mayer started out on the journey of building and maintaining a relationship with their customers through reliability and trust. After a few months of buying scrap converters, the enterprising pair knew there was a demand for Direct fit replacement converters and stepped up their operation to include OEM direct fit converters to service the automotive repair industry and their customers. An old warehouse was converted into a sales office and shipping department with a shop area for the remanufacturing. Another building was used to house the scrap operation and muffler shops and automotive repair experts soon found they could call 1-800-275-5116 for the catalytic converter information they need.

Replacement converters are available in OEM direct fit. If Cotaco Creek Converters, Inc. does not have a converter in stock, they offer rebuild service for the customers part. The repair facility just packages their converter and ships it in to be rebuilt. On many occasions, the rebuilt part can be on UPS and on its way back to the shop the next business day after being received. Automotive dismantlers, scrap metal recyclers, dealerships, and muffler shops also learned their was a dependable and trusted outlet for them to sell spent converters and turn their scrap into cash. In 2004, a new facility was constructed and a test bench was purchased to test converters, which previously had been shipped to other test labs for certification.  After meeting EPA standards, Cotaco Creek Converters was granted exemption to test re-manufactured converters. At present, the business has over 17000 square feet of warehousing and office space.

We believe customers service is paramount to any good business, and we know repeat business is the backbone to our operation. One of the owners is usually at the office so customers can always obtain a hands on experience.

Our re-manufactured converters come from automobile dismantlers that have learned they get get more money for their used converters as a rebuildable core as opposed to selling it for only scrap value. Our converters are visually inspected and have been bench tested with engine and laboratory grade analyzers to assure they meet or exceed EPA standards.

Owner Tim Patrick says, “Consumers should always choose the original equipment converter for replacement for their car or truck, Because you can't beat that original converter fit, and performance, these converters were engineered and designed for the vehicle by the manufacture and are a much better choice for your vehicle.”

Applications for diesel trucks of all sizes from passenger trucks to medium duty and semi trucks are available with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning services also offered.
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Our replacement converters have been bench tested with an engine and a lab grade analyzer to make sure they meet or exceed all Fedaral, State, and EPA standards. Call us today at 1 (800) 275-5116.